Jeremy Bible

Works with sound and image by Jeremy Bible.

This page is by no means comprehensive and represents only a
recent fraction of work created over the past two decades.

Upcoming Performances

July 24th: Louisville, KY at Dreamland

July 25th: Nashville, TN at Emma Bistro

July 26th: Atlanta, GA at Eyedrum

August 7th-10th: Millstone, WV at VOV


OT0701 (Live)

Meditation Anxiety

Video stills.

Collisions | Aquarius Records

"Jeremy Bible is the man behind the Experimedia label/distribution/empire, which has humble beginnings as a small imprint for his own compositions for melancholy dronemusic and amorphously treated field recordings. Admittedly, it has been a while since we’ve heard any of Bible’s output; and on Collisions there’s a considerable shift from the soft-focus, ambient-grounded smears and blurs from those earlier recordings to the neutron smashing and amplified laboratory hum found the aptly named cassette. The field recordings do persist with chapters of nocturnal tree frogs and daytime birdsong bracketed by passages of clinical electronics, possibly rendered through blorping modular synthesis or some sort of digital equivalent. The tones, nonetheless, are sharp and abraded, reflecting similar rhythms from barking tree frogs and mellifluous thrushes. Bible’s jittery splutter of tone into jagged sawtooth patterns and erratic squiggle recalls some of the polydactyl, generative work from Keith Fullerton Whitman or the scabrous digital errata of Florian Hecker. At times, it’s a frenzied, furious work; and at others, it can be austerely designed in the vein of Asmus Tietchens. Super limited, and packaged in a swanky box with foil stamping." - Aquarius Records

Collisions | AGB

"All hail Jeremy Bible, this dude knows what’s fuckin up. Most of yall probably know he runs the flawless EXPERIMEDIA label/distro, but he’s also got some insane music makin chops as well, and Collisions is easily my favorite work of his. This is a total head fucker, melding sharp musique concrète, abstract field recordings, glitchy rhythms, and bizarro noise into something wholly cohesive & unique, this takes all of your attention while twisting synapses and making new neural pathways in your brain, making you question every fucking moment. Is there anything actually happening right now or is it actually silent? Are those frogs or synths? Is this doing permanent damage to my ears? Did I just shit myself? There are truly incredible moments on this record that feel like you’re staring a starving pack of dire wolves right in the eyes, unsettling organic gurgling & chirping, panning & pointed blasts of almost danceable static shred, high end drone like the hum of a distant generator. You’re never at ease, even when the music is peaceful, because early on you discover there’s an ever present sense of danger. This is just the fucking best. It was originally a live recording from June 2013 at the RCN Cave in Akron, Ohio that was released digitally shortly thereafter, but it’s been expanded & remastered for CD and tape release on False so now you can hold & cherish this sexy beast. The artwork above is for the digital version, the tapes & CDs come in silver stamped black boxes with cotton & card inserts and they look super fuckin slick." - Justin Snow, Anti-Gravity Bunny