“Felder: Dissected & Reassembled for 16 Channels”
An installation by Jeremy Bible in collaboration with Jan St. Werner member of Mouse On Mars. 

4 hour 16 channel sound installation consisting of 2891 unique sound elements at Survival Kit in Cleveland, Ohio on April 30th 2016 from 5pm to 9pm.

Jan St. Werner’s new album “Felder” for Chicago based label Thrill Jockey Records, out worldwide April 1st 2016, will be performed in unconventional ways at 8 locations around the world during the month of April through live performances, installations and other interpretations by ensembles, composers and artists responding to the music in various ways. Every Felder installation will be publicly accessible. It’s less about the document of the installation than the topological and social re-installment of the ideas behind the Felder album. Felder means “fields,” unstable territories, radiation, musical situations that happen simultaneously but aren’t necessarily synced. The intent being to stretch the idea and interpretation of the record in time and space so it’s impossible to understand and experience the project as a whole.

For “Felder: Dissected & Reassembled for 16 Channels,” Ohio-based sound artist Jeremy Bible will dismantle, edit and process Werner’s entire “Felder” album into thousands of unique audio elements of varying length. Upon organization into a unique playback system for generative multi channel arrangement, it will be presented as an ever-evolving 16 channel immersive sound installation. This system will create endless sonic combinations and interactions across the 16 channels. This approach seeks to further reinforce the overall concept of asynchronicity while challenging the tedium of predictable linearity.