June 14 2024
Frequency Friday's Presented by The Fuse Factory
Cultural Arts Center | 139 W. Main St, Columbus, OH 43215
Live Performance

March 16 2024
Convivium 33 Gallery | 1433 East 33rd Street, Cleveland, OH, 44114
Live Performance
March 9 2019
Moscow Museum of Modern Art | Petrovka Ulitsa, 25, Moskva, Russia, 125009
World Premiere of Jeremy Bible's film Human Savagery
June 22nd 2018
Mattress Factory | 500 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Human Savagery Live A/V Performance
August 10th 2017
Transformer Station Contemporary Art Space | 1460 W. 29th Street Cleveland, OH
Live A/V Performance
On Thursday, August 10, Jeremy Bible is set to debut new material from his forthcoming audio-visual project, ‘Human Savagery,’ at Transformer Station in Cleveland, Ohio. The performance will pair Bible's powerful & moving, symphonic ambient compositions with large-scale projections of his vivid ultra-HD aerial cinematography – which contrast the alien beauty of untouched mountains and desert landscapes with the chemical violence of EPA Superfund sites ravaged by industry. Bible has visited sites across the United States to create this footage, capturing a gripping snapshot of humanity’s often unseen footprint on this planet.
June 25-26th 2016
The Cleveland Museum of Art | Cleveland, OH
An 18 channel sound installation extending upon Bible's 2009 installation for CMA built from recordings of the museum's construction. Thousands of meticulously designed sound elements interact across 18 small battery powered speakers to create an ever evolving immersive sonic environment.
September 17th 2016 2pm-11pm
Fire Fish Festival | Lorain Palace Theatre | 617 Broadway, Lorain, OH
Broken Ecologies (view trailer)
Exhibiting September 17th 2016 from 2pm-11pm in the historic Lorain Palace Theatre as part of the 2016 FireFish Festival in Lorain, Ohio. "Broken Ecologies" is a large scale 16.2 channel audio-visual installation by Jeremy Bible juxtaposing an ever evolving electro-acoustic sound field environment with stunning ultra high definition aerial cinematography. A project spanning thousands of miles across the United States. Aerial landscapes captured from the desert & mountain regions of the Southwestern United States alongside an immersive 16.2 channel score of compositions combining field recordings, electronic & acoustic instruments, with Broken Ecologies Bible constructs an immersive virtual environment which explores nature's relationship with itself in a future where man made technology outlives mankind. "Broken Ecologies" operates as a preface to Bible's forthcoming work "Human Savagery".
November 12th 2016
Wood Street Galleries | 601 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Live A/V Performance