Human Savagery
Unveiled/Extension Commissioned for The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Centennial Festival East Wing Glass Box Gallery / 218 European Sculpture June 25 & 26 2016
Felder: Dissected & Reassembled for 16 Channels
“Felder: Dissected & Reassembled for 16 Channels” An installation by Jeremy Bible in collaboration with Jan St. Werner member of Mouse on Mars. 4 hour 16 channel sound installation consisting of 2891 unique sound elements at Survival Kit in Cleveland, Ohio on April 30th 2016 from 5pm to 9pm.
Broken Ecologies
"Broken Ecologies" is an immersive 16.2 channel spatial audio/video installation which premiered at the Lorain Palace Theatre September 17th 2016 as part of the 2016 FireFish Festival. "Broken Ecologies" is a large scale 16.2 channel audio-visual installation by Jeremy Bible juxtaposing an ever evolving electro-acoustic sound field environment with stunning ultra high definition aerial cinematography. A project spanning thousands of miles across the United States. Aerial landscapes captured from the desert & mountain regions of the Southwestern United States alongside an immersive 16.2 channel score of compositions combining field recordings, electronic & acoustic instruments, with Broken Ecologies Bible constructs an immersive virtual environment which explores nature's relationship with itself in a future where man made technology outlives mankind. "Broken Ecologies" operates as a preface to Bible's forthcoming work "Human Savagery". 32ft diameter hexadecagon speaker arrangement. 16 Full Range Presonus Eris E5 Monitors 2 PreSonus StudioLive 18sAI Subs
Garden w/ Ryuichi Sakamoto
Music For Black Holes
A four hour sound bath of pure tone minimalist ambient symphonics for withdrawal, isolation, contemplation, meditation, transcendence, intimacy & sensuality. "Music For Black Holes" came together out of pieces from Jeremy Bible's private archives compiled to aid in meditating his way through a challenging period of transition. A map to guide one through the vacuum of space & time. Limited Edition 8gb USB Drive containing "Music For Black Holes" in native HD audio 24bit / 88200khz wav format encased in black hard plastic box.
Human Savagery Limited Collector's Edition Photo Book
Markarian 421
Black Grasshopper w/ High Aura'd
Mattress Factory Poster Series
Landscape Dissonance
Landscape dissonance.
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